A DROITWICH couple are celebrating after reaching an incredible milestone in their marriage.

Bertie and Florence Marshall marked their platinum wedding anniversary on Thursday, April 10, with a visit to the mayor and a party with friends and family.

The couple met during the second world war when Mr Marshall was working at the war office in Witton, and they were married a couple of years later in 1944 at St Nicholas Church in Droitwich when Mr Marshall was 24 and Mrs Marshall, (then Priddy) was 19.

The couple met in the heart of Droitwich. Mrs Marshall said: “One particular night, me and my friend were walking down by the Raven Hotel, and my husband and his friend were coming up the road as we were coming down.

“Me and my mate were singing and my husband said ‘You want to learn to sing that song properly.’ We said ‘You want to mind your own business.’

“I didn’t see him for a couple of weeks then until my cousin asked if I’d like to go dancing at the Winter Garden. I didn’t want to stop to the end and she did, so I said ‘You stop and I’ll go home.’ As I was going out, he was coming in. I said ‘You can’t go in there with those boots.’ I was quite cheeky.”

Mr Marshall was still in the army when the couple met, and had to go to India, so that several years passed before the two could start their lives together, but they were patient, and the subsequent 70 years have passed quickly for both of them.

Mrs Marshall added: “It doesn’t seem like 70 years to us, it seems like yesterday. We’ve had ups and downs but we’ve got over them. I’ve got a bit more wisdom now I’ve got older, and he’s pretty good. He likes to joke. He’s never changed, ever since I’ve met him, and I love all of him ever since I met him.”

The couple have two sons, Robert and Brian, as well as four grandchildren and a number of great-grandchildren. Mr Marshall still works three days a week at Adstone Construction Ltd in Droitwich.

Mrs Marshall said: “He wouldn’t retire. He likes being with people you know, he’s a friendly guy.”

And the secret to such a long and happy marriage. According to Mrs Marshall: “You have to be truthful to one another, and give and take.”