A DROITWICH author has written a new novel about how far someone might go to protect their family.

Sheryl Browne, who is a member of the Droitwich Art Network, is the author of five novels, and is currently studying for an MA in creative writing through Birmingham City University.

Her latest novel ‘The Edge of Sanity’ is being released in April, and tells the story of a psychological battle between everyman Daniel Conner, who is forced into becoming a hero, after being tortured and forcibly drugged, and drug addict Charlie Roberts, who has take Daniel’s wife and daughter hostage.

Ms Brown said: “My books always tend to turn around the family unit, looking at family dynamics and the tenuous bonds that might hold people together. My more recent books would then be better described as poignant romantic fiction, looking at the fragility of love life and relationships. Adoring authors such as Martina Cole, Lee Child, and Sandra Brown, I started writing ‘The Edge of Sanity’ in between submissions, again looking at family dynamics and having a strong, but flawed, male lead.

“Needless to say, I’m thrilled it got picked up. I think I do see myself writing in different genres in future. I love to write, so if an idea pops into my head, usually when normal people are sleeping, it usually ends up on paper.”

'The Edge of Sanity' is being published by Safkhet Publishing, and will be available to buy via Amazon from Wednesday, April 30.

For more information visit safkhetpublishing.com/.