PEOPLE suffering from bad nights sleep or kept awake by their partner's snoring, should start singing.

According to research joining a Rock Choir group can help boost people's mental health and wellbeing, while reducing snoring.

Helen Just, leader of the Droitwich Spa, Great Malvern and Worcester Rock Choir, said a study carried out by the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust found preliminary ecidence that refulat singing exercises could benefit people who snore.

She said: "This prompted us to ask Rock Choir members whether they or their partners had noticed any improvements in their snoring since joining and over 10 per cent of respondents said yes.

"Singing helps to exercise and strengthen muscles in the soft palette, which is where the snoring vibration occurs."

She added that some of her members that were regularly singing with her said they felt happier, had increased their confidence and had even lost weight.

Ms Just offers a free trial to all new members at the weekly sessions across the county.

There are no auditions and no requirements to read music or have any previous singing experience to join the contemporary choir and singers can expect to attend performances throughout the year.

For a free taster session or more information about times, go to or call 01252 714276.