TALENTED girls from Dodderhill School made a splash when they competed in a national swimming championship.

Youngsters from the school in Crutch Lane, Droitwich, formed a key part of the Midlands team at the Independent School Association National Swimming Championships on Saturday, February 1.

Josie Ross was in the medley relay team that came second and third in the freestyle relay. Georgia Appleton came third in backstroke and was in the same team as Josie for relays. Sophie Manley came second in the backstroke, second in freestyle and was also in the Midlands team that came first in the freestyle relay.

Cate Mawston, headteacher at Dodderhill School, said: “We nurture all types of talent at Dodderhill School and actively encourage students to do what they love, alongside the curriculum.

“It’s great news to see our students doing so well in a national competition that recognises swimming talents and we’re very proud of all of them.”