PEOPLE can now contribute to Droitwich's unique history archive online.

Volunteers running the town's Our Droitwich project have launched a Facebook page to help them collect research, recordings and photographs.

The project aims to record the stories and memories of Droitwich residents who’ve witnessed the massive expansion of the town since the late 1950s. The Our Droitwich initiative began thanks to Heritage Lottery funding of £10,000 and continued after other funds from Droitwich Area Partnership and Droitwich Spa Town Council. It has also received support from Worcestershire County Council, which lets volunteers use its sites for free.

Some amazing personal photos have already emerged, showing the demolition of some of old Droitwich landmarks and the erection of new buildings, including the housing estates at Westlands and Chawson.

Ian Parker, chairman of the Our Droitwich project, said: "It’s so important to collect and store some of these unique photos and people’s personal stories, as this was a time of great change. Droitwich went from being a small place where everyone knew everyone, to a much bigger town with about 10,000 new residents moving in during a 20 year period. People out there must have some wonderful photos of what went on, and we would love to see them."

Anyone wanting to share photos can just register at the Our Droitwich facebook page.

Mike Lambden, who started the page, said: "It’s fascinating to see some of these pictures, they really take you on a trip down memory lane. We hope to keep on growing the site and make it part of the unique archive we’re creating for Droitwich."

The completed archive will be kept in Droitwich Library, Victoria Square, and available to the general public and schools.

For further information on the project, contact Sue Broome on 01299 251512.

The Our Droitwich facebook page can be found at