WORCESTERSHIRE Wildlife Trust is inviting Worcestershire’s residents to invest in a love nest this Valentine’s Day.

It runs a Rent-a-Nest scheme and staff believe it makes a perfect present for romantic Valentine’s to show they care.  Not only will a purchase delight a partner but it also helps to give a helping hand to woodland birds.

Becky Bradshaw-King, scheme co-ordinator, said: “Valentine’s Day falls in National Nest Box week so renting a nest in one of our woodlands makes a perfect present for a loved one.

“Spring is almost in the air and it won’t be long before birds are looking for a suitable place to cosy up together before raising a family this year.  Our rent a nest scheme is a great way for a romantic Valentine to show they care about their partner – and about our wildlife.”

The trust erects nest boxes in four woodlands around the county and these are rented out on an annual basis to Rent-a-Nest leaseholders. For just £10 leaseholders are provided with a certificate, an annual report about what used the box and an invite to visit the box with the warden in the spring.

The boxes are monitored by local wardens so the trust has information about what species are using the box and how many young they’ve raised during the year.

The trust has a range of boxes of different sizes with different holes to attract a range of birds and they can be rented at several different locations.

The Rent-a-Nest scheme is an important fundraiser to ensure the trust can continue to protect and improve wildlife and habitats across the county.

For more details, see or call 01905 754919.