POLICE stations across Worcestershire are being “reviewed” by the region’s new elected crime chief – who says some could be sold off or used as a money generator.

Bill Longmore, the police and crime commissioner for West Mercia, believes there is scope for shutting some down and moving officers to alternative venues.

In recent years other forces have closed down largely redundant buildings – often to share bases with councils or operate mobile bases in supermarkets and community centres.

Mr Longmore said he is “looking at every police station” to see if any are not fit-for-purpose.

The news comes one after it was revealed 140 police officer jobs will be axed across West Mercia by 2016.

Mr Longmore said: “We will be looking at every police station, but any decisions we make will not be taken lightly.

“There may be some that are closed down, but if that is the case I want to make sure we can offer an alternative. There has to be other options as I don’t want to ever be accused of not taking the right decisions. Whatever we decide, it won’t be taken lightly. But we will be looking at it carefully.”

A draft police plan, which is out for public consultation, also includes scrapping 315 civilian jobs at West Mercia Police over the next four years.

It says police community support officers (PCSOs) will be given more powers and protected from redundancy.