HALF of all Britons would vote to leave the EU, according to a survey – with county MPs saying it is proof the country needs to negotiate a better deal from Brussels.

A poll by ICM has revealed 51 per cent of respondents would either “probably” or “definitely” vote to leave Europe in a referendum.

Only 22 per cent definitely vote to stay in, with 18 per cent saying they would probably want to opt in and the rest undecided.

Worcester MP Robin Walker says it is further evidence for the Government to ask for more concessions from the EU.

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin said the country should use the ongoing European crisis as a chance to argue for a better outcome for the UK.

“Leaving the EU would still leave Britain with a defective currency zone on our doorstep, and a European Parliament in which we would have no say at all,” she said.

“Businesses would no longer have access to the common market.

“Instead, I believe we need to use this crisis as an opportunity to sort out the problems.

“If the euro countries need a new treaty we should aim to negotiate a lower budget and the repatriation of some powers in return.”

Prime Minister David Cameron is due to make a speech this month focusing on Britain’s relationship with the EU.

He is expected to announce he will include a pledge in the Tory manifesto to hold a referendum on whether voters want to maintain the status quo or take back powers from Brussels.