ADDITIONAL Worcestershire County Council Highways staff will be on standby overnight to deal with any problems caused by the severe weather forecast for this evening.

All 20 of the maintenance gangs have been redeployed to deal with the effects of the recent adverse weather, 14 patrol officers will be out and about on the county's roads, gully emptiers are ready if needed and 18 tree contractors are prepared to deal with any fallen trees from high winds.

Motorists are being urged to take care and drive with caution this evening and overnight.

Jon Fraser, county council highways customer & community manager, said: "We're putting extra staff on in preparation to deal with any problems that might arise from the forecast heavy rainfall and high winds. We'll be constantly monitoring the situation on our roads – with officers and contractors ready to work this evening and through the night if necessary.

"We'd echo the advice to drivers being sent out by the police, Environment Agency and emergency services. Please take care on the roads, stay safe and do not attempt to drive through roads that are flooded."

Information is being regularly updated on Worcestershire County Council's website through 'Alert' stories on the homepage