A CONTROVERSIAL experience day that teaches people as young as 16 how to successfully riot has been launched in Droitwich Spa.

Wish.co.uk, which also runs the popular Zombie Boot Camp and S.W.A.T training days from a site in the town, has already received a number of complaints about its latest offering.

The Riot Training experience day, which costs £79 per person to take part, has left some people unhappy at what youngsters could learn from being involved, especially given last year’s riots across the country that saw shops looted and people assaulted and robbed in the street.

People taking part are encouraged to experience both sides of a riot situation. They get to play the role of both police and protagonist.

Details on the website of what to expected from the activity read: “Learn the basics of riot control as a copper - then swap over at half time.

“On arrival at the riot training emporium, famous riots and riot police from history will be profiled, you'll get to grips with the tactics and formations you will be using. You'll also be trained with equipment like ballistic helmets, visors, batons and four foot riot shields.

“All hell breaks loose - you'll stand firm as you come under a barrage of debris, advancing forwards as smoke swirls around your waist. Brace yourselves as petrol bombs are thrown. Noise, fire, smoke and fear are the main ingredients.”

People behind the activity have defended the event, which has not been short of bookings since its launch two months ago, and have stressed that people are also trained to stop a riot during the day.

Richard Kershaw, CEO of wish.co.uk, said: “We have had a number of complaints about the riot experience day and we are aware of its controversy. People have told us we are irresponsible for running it.

“However, we understand the concerns but also stress that the events are run in the most professional way by an experienced team of ex-police and military personnel.”