THE Rotary club of Droitwich Spa held a dinner to celebrate the 207th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar at St Andrews Town Hotel.

President David Pangbourne read Nelson's famous prayer before the battle, and Captain Colin Wilson OBE Rn (Rtd) gave the toast to "The Immortal Memory of Admiral Lord Nelson."

Captain Wilson, from Earls Common, had a distinguished naval career with postings on warships and as a naval attachee around the world, ending up on the Ark Royal.

His speech covered the conflict in Europe leading up to Trafalgar.

Many naval traditions were incorporated into the evening, which ended with everyone singing "Sea Shanties". Don Walters played the piano and the singing was conducted by Ted Howarth.

The group held the event on Tuesday, October 23 to replace the usual St George's and Shakespeare's birthday dinner.