A BRAND new company has launched to help businesses future-proof all their telecommunications needs.

The next five years will see unprecedented changes in the telecommunications sector which will affect every company in the UK.

Flower Telecom will help businesses of all shape and sizes blossom and fulfil their potential nationally and internationally.

Location, Location, Location was the business mantra of the 20th century but thanks to telecommunications advances Flower Telecom can offer the cheapest and easiest way to leave LLL in economic textbooks.

Customers still want to buy local, buying from a faceless corporation based god knows where will be the bottom of their list, but Flower Telecommunications can give any company, anywhere a local telephone line anywhere.

Flower Telecom was founded by Midlands born telecommunications whizz Charles Gumbley, who has been helping businessses make money through their phone systems for five years across three different continents.

He said: "First impressions in business are everything. You never get the chance to make another one, which is why the telephone number you advertise is so, so important."

"I realised this would be my passion when I helped a London-based Manchester United merchandiser become a huge success. I worked out how we could make them look like they were based in Manchester, by providing an 0161 number.

"After all, even Manchester United fans in London want the veneer of dealing with a Manchester business, whether they're buying a football shirt or a branded toilet seat!"

"After setting up their Manchester number, we were able to forward all of their calls to a virtual switchboard which makes handling their calls even easier. They even hired a Mancunian to complete the look!"

He added: "So I worked out the cheapest and simplest way to offer this service and set up Flower Telecom as a result. I want to help businesses blossom, whether they want to look like a hyper-local business, or an international company."

The company offers a myriad of services including freephone numbers, virtual landlines, international toll free numbers, call handling services and conference calling across continents.

However, Flower Telecom's expertese with VOIP is what will get their own phone ringing with businesses wanting to expand.

With a Hosted Voice system from Flower Telecom, businesses will save cash compared to a traditional phone system and it couldn't be easier to set up. All of the provisioning done before the handsets leave our offices. All you need to do is plug in and go.

And whether one phone or one hundred, with Flower Telecom's Hosted Voice means businesses are free to add phones as they please.

And with the hardware costs included in your monthly bill, businesses will never get that dreaded phone call telling them the entire system needs upgraded.

With a lifelong fascination of wanting to know what is coming next in the business world Charles wanted Flower Telecom's new website to be more than just a shop window for services.

"I want to know what the future will be, and how telecommunications fits into this new world."

To find out more about how Flower Telecom can help your business, or to find out the future visit Flower Telecom.