A BROMSGROVE woman is hoping to share her knowledge of food intolerances with local residents.

Caroline Sproule, a nutrition and allergy consultant fromBromsgrove Allergy Centre, has worked in the town for nearly 15 years helping people who suffer from a number of symptoms including migraines, eczema, weight problems, asthma, indigestion and crohns disease.

The mother of five uses Kinesiology, an alternative muscle testing method to identify food allergies or food intolerances which can undermine the immune system of susceptible people.

She then help clients to make changes to their diet, finding substitute foods and that way hopefully avoiding any food intolerances.

She said: "Most clients have at least 10 food intolerances on the first visit , which always surprises them. As time goes on many of the food intolerances disappear and most foods can be re-introduced unless they have a real food allergy.

"I have treated clients as young as six-months-old, for problems like asthma, and migraine.

"Not too long ago I treated a young toddler of 18 months who had never really smiled or ran around like a normal toddler. We discovered this was due to migraines he was having caused by a food allergy. Three weeks after we changed his diet , he ran in to my office laughing and smiling."

Ms Sproule added that by diagnosing food intolerances and nutritional deficiencies and correcting any imbalances in the body, remarkable improvements in health and energy can be achieved.

For more information, visit bromsgroveallergy.co.uk.