FRUSTRATED campaigners say it will take a fatal accident to force the county council into introducing a safe crossing area on a busy stretch of a Bromsgrove road.

Residents in Stratford Road, and its adjourning roads, have been calling for the introduction of a pedestrian crossing for more than 10 years across the road, near to the A38 island.

Stratford Road resident John Richardson, one of the leading campaigners, said it is a road he crosses almost every day and several times he has been narrowly missed by speeding motorists and motorcyclists - despite taking every care and wearing high visibility clothing.

It led Mr Richardson to lodge a freedom of information request with the county council in an attempt to gain an understanding of how big a problem speeding was in the location.

Worcestershire County Council released details of a traffic survey, carried out during a typical week last October 2011, along Stratford Road near to the junctions of Blackwood Road and Fordhouse Road.

The survey revealed 93,000 vehicles used the road with 75,932 - four out of every five - exceeding the 30 mph speed limit.

It also worryingly revealed 1,000 drivers were found travelling more than 50 mph, and some were even clocked between 65 and 70 mph.

Mr Richardson said: “We just need a safe place to cross.

“A pelican crossing, which would cost £30,000, would provide the best answer and traffic flow would not generally be impeded.

“When £2 million is being spent on replacing trees and refurbishing High Street, not a safety issues, have we got our priorities right?

“I just hope I do not become the statistic that forces action.”

Jon Fraser, the county council’s customer and community manager, said in the next three months road markings would be changed and a flashing vehicle-activated speed sign would be installed.

After the Advertiser told Mr Richardson about this development, he described it as a “cheap solution”.

“I remain to be convinced how this will achieve the primary objective of reducing speed so people can cross,” he added.