The Redevelopment of Stourbridge is a very big issue for many residents of Stourbridge have an opinion about, including do I. Stourbridge has been a struggling town for years now and it's not like it once was in the 70's and 80's the town was a lot more clean and the general opinion on the town was good compared to some towns in the area, and the redevelopment of Stourbridge is just what the town needs to make it a thriving town once more, Tesco coming to Stourbridge will bring much more jobs and the demolition of the Bell street car park is just the start, The new bus station being re-named Stourbridge interchange will also bring more people into the area and also more buses i believe this is a good thing some people may think otherwise but i'm just one voice with one opinion but i love my town and i believe this will be a good thing, but unfortunately things like this do take time major work will not happen over night and in time we will all see what good this brought to the local community and hopefuly we well all preserve this for generations to come.

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