Yes, RT has hit twitter and will be tweeting rational things daily! Rational tweets from Rational Teenager. Hit the follow button!

If you haven't come across Twitter before, it's a social networking and microblogging site which lets you 'tweet' what you're doing or thinking. If you have followers then this update will come onto their Twitter stream so they can read what you've posted. It's great for checking out what people all around the world are doing. You can follow your favourite actors, writers, singers, bloggers(!), presenters... you name it!

So hit the follow button if you want more rational thoughts from RT.

Unfortunately, someone at Twitter towers decided RT can't have 'RationalTeenager' as the username because it's 'too many characters'. Obviously, 16 is just a number too big for the Head Birds to handle so to follow RT on Twitter @Rational_Teen Enjoy!

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