A TALENTED town artist has helped put Droitwich on the map after featuring on a national television.

Rosie Philpott, who is a member of the Droitwich Arts Network, was seen on BBC daytime television programme Paul Martin’s Handmade Revolution.

The new craft programme, which is presented by Paul Martin, best known for BBC’s ‘Flog It!’, invited the public to bring along their handmade crafts.

Rosie, who has been working as an artist since graduating from university last year, took along her painting called “Wonky Droitwich”.

Spotting her work amongst the crowd, Paul Martin insisted the painting should be on camera and it was featured on screen last week. The short interview gave Rosie and her painting great exposure with detailed and close-up shots of Droitwich’s High Street painted in her quirky style.

She explained how she had exaggerated the leaning of the buildings to represent the way the extraction of brine had affected the street’s foundations.

Paul praised the painting and its inventiveness, wishing Rosie all the best for the future, confident that she had a promising career ahead.

Since appearing on the show, she has been inundated with new orders from people outside the Droitwich area. One couple from Yorkshire, who purchased a print just five minutes after the programme was aired, said they are specifically coming to Droitwich for the day to visit the High Street and to explore the rest of the town.

Rosie said: “Ever since I first showed this painting I have received so many positive reactions to its quirkiness and the way it captures the local ‘characters’ on the High Street. But it’s great to know that people outside of Droitwich also love the painting. I have lived in Droitwich Spa all of my life and think it’s a brilliant little town – the High Street deserves more attention and I’m pleased that I can do my part towards encouraging visitors.”

“It’s been a really exciting first year and I appreciate all the encouragement from friends, members of the Arts Network and people and businesses who have all supported me in building my career.”

Although the originals of all Rosie’s paintings have sold, a limited number of prints are available for purchase.

For more information visit rosiephilpott.co.uk