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HEALTH: Jess Thom says 'biscuit' up to 16 times a minute and swears involuntarily because she has Tourette's Syndrome. She tells Xtra how she refuses to let it get her down, and how writing a book about her Tourette's has helped her celebrate the creativity and humour of her condition, and explain the challenges it brings to those who don't understand it.

FOOD:Clarissa Dickson Wright has her fingers in lots of pies at the moment, with new book Clarissa's England on the shelves and an episode of The Great British Food Revival soon to hit TV screens. The outspoken former Fat Lady discusses the culinary delights of rabbit, badger and proper English food, and shares a selection of her classic recipes.

BEAUTY: Transform your hair colour for the new season. Lisa Haynes reveals how to get glossy autumnal tresses.


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