FOLLOWING the NHS Worcestershire Joint Services Review (JSR) announcement union UNISON said it remains concerned about cuts at the Alexandra Hospital.

Steve Akers, UNISON’s regional organiser, said that the union will be backing the Save The Alex campaign and will continue to press the Government to end its "efficiency" savings.

"From the start of this process, we have predicted that it would be the Alex that was most likely to be affected and that is now confirmed,” he said.

“A reduction from a full consultant led 24/7 A&E and a reduction from a full obstetric service is on the cards, but we acknowledge that the acute trust and JSR have not drawn up a final proposal to go out to public consultation.

"That's why we have made representation to the chief executive of the trust and to the JSR team to meet with them with other unions to put forward our ideas on how a full range of services might be able to be maintained."