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Books: Rupert Everett has been writing again, and his latest memoir, Vanished Years, charts his disastrous brush with reality TV and a short-lived series in the US, as well as moving memories about loved ones who have died. Xtra meets the actor who's finally coming to terms with middle age.

Gardening: A look at why urban gardeners may have more success with apple crops this year than some commercial growers - plus, find out what else needs doing in the garden this week.

Food: Pie maker Andy Bates's American Street Feasts begins on Food Network on Monday, October 8. Street food may be making a splash in the UK, but it's an even bigger story in the US. Diana Pilkington joins Bates in San Francisco as he enjoys a road trip around America sampling tasty and inventive street food, and brings home some mouth-watering recipes.


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