A MUCH-loved Spa shopkeeper has decided to retire at the age of 94.

Amy Thawley will be closing her shop in Tagwell Road, Witton, Droitwich, after serving customers for 45 years.

She has left the store, which is named Amy, following a party with family, friends and regular customers on Saturday (October 6).

The popular pensioner has been selling ladies fashion, wool and haberdashery from the premises since 1967.

She opened the shop after working for her husband Gerald. She helped him run Maison Gerald hairdressers in High Street before he died. She has worked in the town centre since the age of 14 and is well-known by residents and regular visitors.

Her daughter Sue Wilson said: “Customers have been in all week to say goodbye and to wish her well. I think she would carry on even longer if it wasn’t for her arthritis.

“We held a party for her and one friend even made a cake for the occasion. It went really well and was a lovely send off.”

Speaking of her time serving the town’s residents for so long, Amy Thawley said: “I have had a wonderful time meeting and serving all of the customers over the years. I have put a sign in the window to thank everyone who has come to the shop.

“Now i’m retiring I will be able to do more things around the house. I can do all those things I have put off because of running the shop.”