A DROITWICH woman who was followed and bombarded with texts by her ex-boyfriend told police his behaviour reminded her of men she had read about who became obsessed with someone and ended up killing them.

Nathan Davis, aged 20, of the Malvern Hills Foyer, Haysfield, Malvern, admitted harassing his former girlfriend, Jessica Lynne, of Droitwich, after they broke up on September 7 this year.

He also pleaded guilty to resisting a police officer and breaching a conditional discharge imposed earlier in the year.

Mark Johnson, prosecuting, said the harassment began when the couple broke up on September 7.

“She ended the relationship on the telephone because she was afraid of what his reaction would be,” said Mr Johnson. “On September 10 she found a letter saying he loved her and wanted to have kids with her.”

Worcester Magistrates Court was told how he bombarded her with texts over the next two days telling her he loved her before turning up at her college in Barbourne, Worcester, on September 13.

Mr Johnson said: “He was in a temper, she said she was scared of him. “Davis was trying to kiss her and she told him to leave or she would call the police. “He said, ‘Call the police. It will take more than the police to get me out of Droitwich tonight. You will need an army’.

”He then followed her to her house even though she’d made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him. “She said, ‘He kept grabbing me, I didn’t want him to end up stabbing or killing me’.”

Miss Lynne then called the police but when they arrived Davis struggled with them before the two officers used CS gas to restrain him.

Sam Lamsdale, defending, said: “It seems a rather confused picture of events. “He says he stood up as he was approached by PC Digger, who pushed him and they both fell over the road sign he was sitting on. His reaction, perhaps because he has a learning disability, was to try to get up. “He wasn’t trying to run away.

“He accepts he waited for her and that he went to her home and tried to hug and kiss her.”

Magistrates told Davis to remember “no means no” before sentencing Davis to 80 hours of unpaid work and a 12-month community order.

They also imposed a 12-month restraining order instructing him not to contact Miss Lynne in anyway.