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CELEBRITY: Keira Knightley faces her toughest screen challenge to date as the tragic titular figure in Anna Karenina, which is in cinemas now. The newly engaged actress reveals her thoughts on love, how she had her male co-stars quaking in their boots and why she doesn't care if she's loved or not on film.

MUSIC: LCD Soundsystem played their last ever gig in 2011, and the event was captured as a film, Shut Up And Play The Hits, which is in cinemas now and released on DVD next month. Andy Welch chats to LCD main man James Murphy about the film, demise of the band, and his future.

GARDENING: Tips on storage solutions which will enable fruit and vegetable gardeners reaping their harvests to enjoy the fruits of their labour in the months ahead - plus, find out what else needs doing in the garden this week.

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