WESTLAND’S has a new lifestyle programme for women to enjoy, courtesy of Festival Housing.

The new programme, We Can Do It, is designed to give the ladies of Westlands a helping hand to turn their lives around, give them confidence and help them get fit.

One women taking advantage is Allyson Clews, who moved to Westlands, Droitwich a couple of years ago and felt alone and lacking in confidence.

Allyson said: “I’ve been big since before I had my children and at first I just wanted to lose weight but what I have got from We Can Do It is so much more than that.

“My confidence has risen and I’ve made friends which means I know others in the playground at the children’s school which has been great in helping them settle too.”

We Can Do It was started this year by Festival Housing and is supported by the Pfizer UK Foundation - an initiative from Pfizer Limited. The programme has 40 regular signed up members and more are welcomed.

Caroline Winnall, from Festival Housing, said: “We have worked really hard to build up the trust and respect we need to make sure the Westlands ladies get the most out of this programme.

“This isn’t about wagging a finger and telling people they must get fit, we genuinely want to help people and the change we have seen in participants has been fantastic.”

Participants on the free programme have individual sessions with a lifestyle coach who gives support, advice and help. The Westlands area has been identified as a health hotspot area with a large percentage of the population living an unhealthy lifestyle.

A Pfizer UK Foundation spokesman said “We are delighted to support this scheme which provides women with an opportunity to get fit, lose weight and be healthier in a social and friendly environment. 

“Festival Housing has succeeded in providing a programme which makes a real difference to health - in a fun, engaging and sustainable way.”

The programme is open to ladies between 16 and 55 years. For more information, see We Can Do It on Facebook or contact Caroline Winnall on 01905 579113.