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This week's features include:

GARDENING: Add colour to the cooler months and give your patio a burst of brightness with a few seasonal containers - plus, find out what else needs doing in the garden this week.

HEALTH: This week Xtra highlights trichotillomania, a condition which means people compulsively pull their own hair out, and a few celebs have recently revealed they have it. Often a taboo topic, it can have a huge impact on sufferers' lives.

MUSIC: Richard Hawley talks to Xtra about the reinvention of his sound on recent album Standing At The Sky's Edge, the broken leg that nearly killed him and much more.

BEAUTY: Changing your entire wardrobe for the new season is a daunting prospect. But overhauling your make-up routine doesn't have to be so drastic.Update your make-up bag with this season's key colours. Lisa Haynes reveals how to be an autumnal beauty.

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