PEOPLE across Worcestershire are being urged to shout up now if they want faster broadband in the future.

The county council, which has already pledged £8.5 million towards quicker speeds, is launching a major survey to get people’s views.

Businesses and residents are being asked to get involved in the survey, which bosses say could impact on which areas get faster connections first.

The authority wants to firm up “priority areas” by getting opinions from those who are most in need.

Worcestershire County Councillor for Redditch North David Thain, the cabinet member with responsibility for transformation and change, said: “Just looking at technology developments in a little over 10 years, many of us will remember slow dial-up connections.

“We do not want Worcestershire to be left behind.”

As well as the £8.5 million the cabinet agreed to invest into speed improvements last November, the Government has forwarded £3.3 million.

The cash is set to benefit about 2,100 homes, 70 farms and at least 50 businesses, bringing them superfast broadband.

Parish councils, libraries and council contact centres have been handed questionnaires for anyone who wants to complete it in paper form.

It can also be done online, at
The survey runs until Sunday, September 2 and will help shape where the cash is spent.