Wednesday 14th July marked a departure from the normal school day for the children in Year 6 at Witton Middle School when they turned their school hall and library into a museum for the day.

The children were introduced to aspects of running a museum back in May, by the ‘Museum on the Move’, where they learnt about conservation of artifacts and the effects of animal pests in museums. The budding curators spent the rest of the term planning and researching a period or aspect of history ready to put on a display for parents and friends.

Historical displays covered subjects as diverse as dinosaurs and football, horses and World Wars, with many others in between and used many inventive ways of relaying the information they had found including PowerPoint presentations, posters, booklets and models. One visitor commented “The standard of work was fantastic; I knew it would be good, but it exceeded my expectations!”

Staff and children were delighted at the response to their museum and are planning lots more exciting educational experiences for next year and beyond.