FAIRER funding for Worcestershire's schools has been promised if the Conservatives win the General Election - in a detailed manifesto which will hit pensioners in the pocket.

Theresa May yesterday unveiled her party's election pledges, including £8 billion extra for the NHS and £4 billion extra to schools to finally solve the fairer funding conundrum.

But the Prime Minister also announced she would scrap the 'triple-lock' on the state pension and means-test winter fuel payments.

The triple-lock, which guarantees pensions rise by the highest of average earnings, inflation or 2.5 per cent, will be replaced by a so-called 'double-lock', with the figure of 2.5 per cent dropped from the equation.

Although the means-tested threshold for removing the winter fuel allowance has not been revealed, it will see the wealthiest over-65s losing £300 a year.

The changes are part of a big overhaul of elderly care.

Under the plan elderly people will no longer have to contribute towards the cost of residential care or care at home once their assets, including the value of their home, fall below £100,000.

At the moment they are expected to keep on paying until they have just £23,250 in 'housing wealth' or savings, dashing hopes of leaving a substantial inheritance to their loved ones.