We've made it to Friday with the memory of a sunny day fresh in the memory to remind us what is coming, spring and summer.

However, the weather will not be nice this weekend, expect showers and gales.

But how about journey home? Will the dinner piping hot or in the dog by the time you get home?

Beware if you are using the trains because trains between Wolverhampton and Birmingham are being delayed by trespassers at Smethwick, this is causing knock on delays.

As for the motorway network, and this shows there is a first time for everything, there ar no problems on the M6 or M5.

There has been an accident in Stourbridge on A451 Norton Road partially blocking road at Heath Lane, expect delays.

However, an unknown incident on M54 westbound between J2 Wolverhampton and J3 Albrighton is causing delays.

There are delays in Dudley on A457 Sedgley Road heading from A4123 Birmingham New Road towards Parkes Hall Road.