MEMBERS of the Droitwich branch of the Rotary Club received a visit from district governor John Crawford recently.

Mr Crawford came to Droitwich to talk to Rotary members and get a better look at Rotary House, which is an unusual asset for a Rotary Club to have.

Members had the opportunity to chat with Mr Crawford about the organisation and hear about his chosen charities for the year, Macmillan Cancer Support and Sand Dam, which works in Kenya to provide local sources of drinking water for rural communities through a filtering system. He also spoke to the group about the upcoming Rotary conference in November

Rotary president Helen Karakashian, said: “You learn so much when you meet people from other Rotary Clubs. He’s always open for questions, and often you get people who have just joined the club, the district governor has got such a lot of knowledge, he’s been involved for many years.”

Mr Crawford will hold the position of district governor for a year which culminates at the end of June with an international Rotary conference in Sap Paolo, Brazil.