A POLICE dog who has been hunting guns, cash and drugs, will be retiring after 10 successful years.

Jake, a 12-year-old springer spaniel with Warwickshire and West Mercia Police will work his last day on Wednesday, September 3, retiring as the forces' longest serving police dog.

The springer began his career in 2004 and has had 521 successful finds, including an assault rifle, three handguns, one shotgun, 13 finds of ammunition, £650,000 in cash and an estimated £4.5 million worth of drugs.

PC Andy Crouch, Jake’s handler, said: “I have a number of memorable moments whilst working with Jake over the years.

“I was searching a caravan when Jake began barking and jumping up towards a high kitchen cupboard. I lifted him up where he was able to pull a piece of wood trim away between the cabinet and the ceiling. I then saw a pistol pointing towards me in the gap Jake had made."

The officer also said how Jake had run off and jumped through the open window of a moving car and sat on the driver's lap and drug were found in the steering wheel airbag compartment.

However, in his old age, the springer has become completely deaf and PC Crouch has had to control him using hand signals.

"Despite this, he’s still performed exceptionally well by helping us to catch criminals and protect people from harm,” he added.

In his retirement, Jake will be living in a rural Leicestershire village with PC Crouch and his four other dogs, having a well-deserved rest.