A 22-year-old drank so much while on a holiday in Crete he died, an inquest has heard.

Adam Walker was on holiday in the party resort of Malia with friend Damien Farmer when he died.

An inquest yesterday heard that the pair had drank large amounts of alcohol and had played drinking games in the days before Mr Walker’s body was discovered in bed on Friday, June 6.

Worcestershire Coroner Geraint Williams told Mr Walker’s parents that Mr Farmer had told Greek police the two had spent the previous few days on the island drinking excessively.

“They were enjoying themselves clearly but also, without going into detail, drinking a lot of alcohol and playing drinking games,” he said.

“He says on the last evening there was a paint party where they were all drinking and spraying themselves with paint.

“He described your son drinking a lot of vodka and Red Bull and going off with another friend before coming back and then going off again.”

Mr Williams said Mr Farmer had told police he had gone back to the hotel room he was sharing with Mr Walker and saw him on his bed, apparently asleep.

He was woken the next morning by a holiday rep knocking on the door and when they came in they saw Mr Walker, of Pear Tree Way, Wychbold, who worked in McDonald’s, hanging off his bed, having apparently been sick.

“They tried to wake him and realised he was dead,” he said.

“He says he picked up your son’s belongings and his own and went to another hotel.

“He described being very upset, as you would expect.”

Mr Williams said an autopsy carried out the day after Mr Walker’s death found he had not died as the result of a disease or a medical emergency, but had a very large amount of alcohol in his bloodstream.

Although he had Crohn’s disease this had not contributed to his death, which was recorded as the result of acute alcohol poisoning.

Describing the amount Mr Walker had drunk as “excessive”, Mr Williams recorded a cause of death of abuse of alcohol.