A DROITWICH woman who lost her mother, grandmother and uncle to cancer in the space of a year, has grown her hair for 18 months in order to have it all cut off for cancer charities.

Paula Hunt lost her mum in 2001 at the age of 61, and she has been fundraising for cancer charities ever since, opening her garden for St Richard’s Hospice, taking part in Ladies Driving Days for Marie Curie, and organising Macmillan coffee mornings.

She said: “I celebrated my 50th birthday a year and a half ago and my best friend Sara gave me a little book to record 50 things I wanted to do in my 50th year. Then I reached 51 and wondered what I could do. I thought about a radical haircut. I thought about growing my hair so I could have a fabulous French plait.

“I decided to do both, donate money to cancer, raise money for the little Princess Trust and also decided to have this done on my mum’s birthday.”

Mrs Hunt decided, with the help of local hairdressers Lulus, to crop her hair as short as possible.

She added: “So far I have raised £300, half is going to the Little Princess Trust as well as my hair (though I’ve grown it so long I’m hoping there might be enough for a little prince too). The other half is going to the Pancreatic Cancer Trust as this is the devious deadly cancer which claimed my uncle’s life, and that of an elderly friend too.”