DROITWICH Heritage Centre is hosting an exhibition to celebrate 80 years of the BBC radio masts at Wychbold.

Despite salt taking the spotlight when it comes to Droitwich claims to fame, the two radio masts just north of the town have had an equally large, if not larger impact on the country over the years and exhibition organisers are determined to illuminate their history for residents.

The masts were erected in 1034, going on air on September 6 at the new BBC transmitting station in Wychbold.

They transmitted the National Programme on long wave to the nation, and at the time they were the largest of their kind anywhere in the country.

The Droitwich signal was so strong it was said to leave people struggling to receive signals from other more distant stations in Moscow, Luxemburg, Warsaw and Paris, meaning that eventually new radios had to be developed to allow listeners to tune in to weaker stations without interference.

The exhibition ‘Remember the Radio’ is going on show at Droitwich Heritage Centre from Monday, July 28 until the middle of September, giving people the opportunity to learn more about the masts and Droitwich’s rich broadcasting history, as well as being able to take a closer look at BBC memorabilia, radios and photographs.