A NEW cyber defence product to help protect Britain’s critical national infrastructure, such as water supply and communications, from attack has been developed by cyber experts Deep-Secure of Malvern.

The company based in Sandys Road, has joined with L-3 TRL Technology from Tewkesbury to develop the IGUANABlue family of data guards to help deliver the next generation of cyber protection for many of the country’s critical industrial process control systems.

Deep-Secure chief executive Robin King explained: "The collaboration with L-3 TRL allows us to combine our capabilities to produce a wide range of solutions delivering cyber protection for many of the country’s critical industrial process control systems. It also provides an excellent platform for growing our business into international markets and across new sectors looking for levels of protection traditionally only afforded to defence and intelligence customers.”

IGUANABlue is designed to provide resilient hardware enforced security for industrial automation and control systems, defending critical infrastructure and assets and keeping Britain’s CNI one step ahead of the cyber risk. It focuses on the operational aspects of industrial automation and control systems as opposed to traditional Information technology centric approaches to security.

Mr King added: " Industries like oil and gas, water and nuclear energy help power the world. But their industrial process control systems are very vulnerable to attack. Historically the companies and organisations responsible for these systems have relied on air gaps to protect them from cyber threats because traditional IT-focused security solutions are unsuited to protecting the operational requirements of SCADA and process control systems. With traditional methods of securing infrastructure no longer adequate a more robust, future-proof line of defence is required to combat the ever increasing frequency and complexity of cyber-attacks."