ONE of Chawson First School’s former pupils made a return visit recently with the co-star of his hit CBeebies programme ‘Rhyme Rocket’.

Former pupil Joe Chambers starred as First Officer Ditty, with his co-star Andrew Crawford playing Professor Poet crewing their poetry inspired space rocket.

The BBC have given the two special permission to try out a live version of the show especially for children in the Midlands in a bid to promote poetry and literacy in schools.

Trudi Pursur, reception teaching assistant at the school, said: “The children absolutely loved it and joined in. Of their own free will afterwards, they came back and did lots of pictures and written work on their own. It was a lovely experience for them.”

She added: “Joe came to this school. He was a lovely chatty little boy. I remember him well.”

Mr Chambers said: “It was great being back at Chawson. I’ve got lots of very fond memories. What a top school.”

The pair also popped in on children at Droitwich Spa Nursery with their Rhyme Rocket Live show.