WITH this year’s World Cup in full swing, 1966 hero Sir Geoff Hurst has thrown his support behind a Worcestershire hospital’s campaign encouraging people to lead healthier lives.

The football legend – who scored a hat trick in England’s lauded 4-2 win against Germany 48 years ago – is backing BMI Droitwich Spa Hospital’s Big Health Pledge.

The campaign is encouraging people to take steps to prevent the UK’s five biggest preventable killers – heart, lung and liver disease, stroke and cancer.

Sir Geoff - who lives in Cheltenham - said pledging to start a new health regime would help people concentrate on their individual goals.

“It is important that we all look after ourselves,” he said.

“Watching what we eat, cutting down on our alcohol intake and getting that bit more exercise all keeps us fitter and healthier, but sometimes we need a little help along the way.

“It’s great that the Big Health Pledge encourages people to make little changes to their lifestyles and sets them achievable targets which can help make real differences to their health and well-being.

“It’s a winning idea and I’m setting myself a hat-trick of health goals by making a Big Health Pledge of my own.”

Staff at the hospital are organising events as part of the campaign while also raising money for Cancer Research UK.

For more information visit www.bmibighealthpledge.co.uk.