COUNCILLOR Bob Brookes has been sworn in as the new mayor of Droitwich Spa, taking over in the role from Councillor Tom Noyes.

Councillor Brookes was nominated by proxy on behalf of Councillor Richard Morris who couldn’t attend the meeting, but said he would make ‘an excellent mayor for the town’.

Councillor Ken Jennings offered a vote of thanks for outgoing mayor Councillor Noyes calling him ‘ever the diplomat’, and saying that he ‘chaired meetings with good humour while dispatching business efficiently’.

Coun Noyes added: “The mayoral chain, whilst it can get hot and heavy at times, remains a great way of introducing yourself to people, and I would not have missed this opportunity for the world.”

He took the opportunity to address councillors and members of the public, saying: “We are perceived to be doing very well indeed, and it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to receive plaudits on your behalf.”

Stepping into the new office, Coun Brookes, said: “I’m both honoured and humbled by the privilege that’s been handed to me. I get the feeling I’ve come here in a time of great change.

“My wife and I are very much looking forward to the coming year and I will wear my chain with pride.”

There was an upset at one point during the meeting during the call for nominations for the position of deputy mayor when Labour councillor Edgar Harwood said: “I was approached some weeks ago by some of the members opposite and asked to stand as deputy mayor. I made it quite clear that while I would be very honoured I would only be prepared to do so with cross party support.

“Later I learned that the party opposite was not prepared to second me, but they would offer their support. Because of a number of members opposite now I will not be seeking election as deputy mayor. Never the less I offer my support to Bob and Veronica.”

Councillor Roy Seabourne attempted to add his thoughts to the debate was asked to be quiet, and Councillor Graham Beale was elected as deputy mayor for the year.