A BOOK that deals with the sensitive subject of depression in families is now available in Worcestershire libraries following a year-long campaign by a Bromsgrove mother who has suffered from depression herself.

Helen Kitchen has been campaigning to get the book, called Can I Catch it Like a Cold?, into libraries for nearly a year. Suitable for primary school age children to be read with an adult, the book aims to explain and reassure children about depression in a clear but sensitive way.

As a teacher, mother and grandmother who suffered severe depression twelve years ago, Helen has carried out careful research to find a publication that will support children in a realistic, helpful and positive way.

To help get her book onto library shelves she asked Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid for his support and he helped turn the project into a reality.

Mr Javid said: "This book serves a very important purpose; to help children come to terms with a difficult subject matter. I was delighted to help Helen in getting it on our library shelves. I hope it proves both educational and a comfort to all those who read it."

The title will be available under the Books on Prescription Scheme, which provides a range of self-help books for adults and children to deal with many of life's challenges, including anxiety, stress, depression and bereavement.