THERE will be an illustrated talk on Wednesday, May 7 at Droitwich History and Archaelology Society on the Droitwich Turnpike Trust.

The turnpikes were toll roads introduced following an act of parliament in the 1700s to help keep up stretches of road, and the six-mile stretch of turnpike between Droitwich and Worcester was the first to be introduced in Worcestershire, partly because of deterioration of the roads from the transport of salt from the town.

The talk is being given by Connie Swann from the Droitwich Turnpike Trust, and comes just as the trust is about to mark the tercentenary of the turnpike opening.

The talk is taking place in the John Corbett Room of Droitwich Community Hall from 7.30pm. entry is £2 for members and £4 for friends and visitors.