AS POLLING cards for next month’s European Elections hit the doormat, voters in Wychavon are being asked for their opinions on their polling station.

Wychavon District Council is carrying out a review of polling stations across the area and is inviting residents to have their say.

The authority is also reminding those not yet registered to vote they have until Tuesday, May 6 to add their name to the electoral register and the deadline for applying for a postal vote is the following day.

The council’s electoral services manager Elaine Dicks said: “We want people to let us know if their current polling station is conveniently situated and user-friendly.

“We’re also keen to hear if people think their polling station is in the right location.

If residents do want to suggest changes to polling stations we would ask that they suggest alternatives.

“People may well know of other suitable venues we’re not yet aware of.”

To make a comment or register to vote write Electoral Services Manager, Civic Centre, Pershore, WR10 1PT, call 01386 565 437 or email

The deadline for responses to the polling station consultation is Friday, May 23.