BILL Wiggin has launched a campaign to prevent needless deaths in the countryside. The MP for North Herefordshire presented a 10 Minute Rule Bill in Parliament calling for better recording of agricultural accidents. Since he became an MP in 2001, two of Mr Wiggin’s constituents have been killed in accidents with cattle.

Mr Wiggin told fellow MPs: "The Health and Safety Executive has reported six deaths nationally so far this year from accidents involving cattle. Last year seven people were killed, there were five deaths in the previous year, and there were six in the year before that. The Executive’s agriculture statistics show that 29 per cent of fatal injuries to the public between 2001 and 2012 were caused by livestock, and that that was the most common cause. That is nearly a third of fatal injuries.

"Twenty four deaths in four years is far too many; without taking action to address the situation. Increased information and learning might help us to prevent future incidences. We need to ensure the relevant changes are made to legislation now so that the Health and Safety Executive records the appropriate details.

“Once this vital information starts to be recorded I believe it will prove a useful tool to farmers, for their spouses and all those working in agriculture or walking in the country. I want to help people make sensible and informed decisions on the type of cattle they buy, farm and place in fields which have public access.”

After presenting his Bill, Mr Wiggin added: "Like many I have always been frustrated by the Health and Safety Executive and the lack of information they record following incidents with cattle. I decided this would be the best option for me to introduce legislation that could help protect farmers, walkers and all those who use the countryside from unnecessary danger.”