SEVERAL keen-eyed Droitwich residents have raised concerns over people apparently drilling on land at the Yew Tree Hill development site.

The proposed development plans put forward by Barberry Droitwich Ltd for 500 homes and a care facility, and by Persimmon Homes Ltd for 265 homes - all at land north of Pulley Lane and Newland Lane, are currently awaiting the result of an appeal to the planning inspectorate, with results expected in September, so several residents were worried that this work might be a little pre-emptive.

However enquiries made to Wychavon District Council have revealed that the work is being carried out as part of a request from the inspectorate.

A spokesman for Wychavon District Council, said: “We are aware of the work. We’ve seen photos of the work and it looks like metal posts with monitoring equipment – to monitor the brine run.

“The inspector asked them to carry out the monitoring at the inquiry – it has to be done before any potential work can be carried out.

“It’s on private land and they are entitled to do the monitoring. It does not mean that the appeal will be successful just because they are carrying out the monitoring work.”