LISTENERS to Radio 4’s long wave transmission might well have noticed that it’s currently out of service every day between 10am and 5.30pm, but what they might not know, is that the national signal shutdown, is due to work being done on the Droitwich transmitters.

Droitwich is host to the long wave antenna and two 700ft masts, which transmit the long wave radio signal over the majority of the UK.

Engineering work is currently taking place to refurbish the long wave antenna and the masts, to inspect and then paint them, and to grease the stays that support them, which means the signal is being shut-down daily until summer 2014.

In addition to the work, which needs to take place every 10 years or so, engineers are also taking the opportunity to undertake some upgrades to the transmitter itself.

The work affects Radio 4 LW and reduces the power of Radio 4 MW for listeners, and in the meantime, the programming will be available through the iPlayer and freesat television.