A DROITWICH Spa bank worker who stole £17,000 by fiddling the accounts from her till has been ordered to pay back a nominal sum of £10.

Catherine Finney, of Stalls Farm Road, Droitwich, was sentenced to 18 months behind bars in January after admitting one count of theft and two of fraud.

The 25-year-old used the bank accounts of two elderly savers to launder her haul between January 2011 and March 2013.

She made 108 "inter-till" transactions involving small amounts of money at the Droitwich branch of Barclays. The customers did not suffer any financial loss because she covered up the thefts by passing off queries over mystery transactions on their statements as banking errors.

A proceeds of crime directions hearing at Worcester Crown Court heard Finney had a benefit of £16,980 from the offences but had no assets. She was ordered to pay a sum of £10 to Barclays Bank within 28 days or face an additional seven days in jail.

Judge Robert Juckes, QC, warned her that the order of a nominal sum did not close her liability and she could be pursued for the cash if she came into money in the future.