PUPILS at Witton Middle School were showing off their artistic side this week, as parts of the school were turned into an art exhibition for three year groups to take part in.

The exhibition opened on Friday, March 21, with different galleries set up to house work by each of the different groups from year five, six, and seven.

Each year has a student named as the Golden Paintbrush winner, and they were placed in charge of curating that year’s gallery,

The Golden Paintbrush is given to an art student at the end of each term at the school, after being nominated, and then selected by a guest artist during a celebration afternoon.

Refreshments were provided by the new Sainsbury’s Local market, and visitors enjoyed afternoon tea with their art appreciation, receiving a token every time they bought something, which they then used to vote for their favourite gallery, while all the profits went towards funding a willow weaving project for the summer term.

Louise Jones, the school’s art coordinator, said: "This event was spectacular. We have some very gifted artists in our school and their innate creativity must always be celebrated and valued. The art exhibition also gave the children a real insight into how galleries work and the Golden Paintbrush winners managed each gallery with great skill."

The day also featured an art raffle with 50 prizes, including artwork donated by a London-based artist and local artist, Rosie Philpott.