A WATER provider is warning that despite having the wettest winter on record, the hottest summer on record could still deplete reservoir supplies.

Severn Trent Water is reporting that reservoirs and other water sources are almost full and looking good for the summer ahead. But with unpredictable changing weather, they are asking customers to still be water wise.

Doug Clarke, water efficiency manager, said households should consider getting a water butt to collect rain water incase the weather takes a turn for the worst in terms of soaring temperatures forcing people to use more water.

He said: "It may have been the wettest winter on record and our reservoirs may be full, but if we’re going to have a hot dry summer, we need to think long-term about our water usage.

"We’re confident that our water resources are in the best possible position at the moment, and we don’t currently envisage any restrictions at all this summer. However, if it’s going to be super hot, then we need to get into good habits now.

"Weather patterns are obviously changing from what we’re used to, so we never know what’s around the corner.

"It may seen crazy to be talking about saving water, especially after what felt like never ending rain, all winter and with all the flooding, but the more steps we can all take now – getting into good habits – then the better placed our water supplies will be if we do have a hot dry summer."

To find out more about how to be water wise, visit stwater.co.uk/savewater.