MORRIS Dancing Malvern dentist Karen Sutton will be living up to her role as The Fool when she attempts to dance her way around a mile long course to raise money for Sport Relief. Dr Sutton, the publicity officer and Fool character for Jenny Pipes Morris Dancers, ran the event last year in her full Morris Dancing kit.

"The rest of the Jenny Pipes’ dancers were so impressed we decided this time we would take it to the next level and dance all the way," she said. "This will be a very special occasion, as the Morris side have never danced a full mile before. They will be attired in their full dancing kit, complete with bells and hankies, so they expect to attract an audience. We hope to have a bit of a dance before the event starts, to warm up for our challenge, and we may be looking for volunteers from the public to take part in a special Stick Dance to mark the occasion. Sport relief is such an important charity and do so much good in our local area through funding smaller community projects, we thought it was the least we could do."

Dr Sutton and the Jenny Pipes will be taking part in the Sport Relief mile run in Leominster on Sunday, March 23.