THE circus is coming to town this month with a visit from Circus Ginnett to Ombersley Way from Wednesday, March 19 to Sunday, March 23.

The circus has been running since the early 1800s when members of the Ginnett family came over to the UK as prisoners during the Napoleonic Wars and stayed in England to launch a pony and budgerigar show as part of Ludgate Circus in London before going on to build up one of the major circuses in the country.

The circus was closed in the 1940s, but has been revived in recent years with international artists including Anke, the aerial dancer from the Netherlands, acrobats Veselka and Nedyalko from Bulgaria and their daughter Yana a five-year-old hula hoop expert, and Irish ringmaster Laszlo Schlingloff, as well as Vader the Wonder dog assisted by Patrick Austin.

A spokesman for Circus Ginnett, said: "On the one hand Facebook and Twitter bring the world closer but on the other hand the personal contact between people seems like something from a distant past. Perception is still only on a screen.

"Ginnett opens the doors to a place of warmth, passion and real live entertainment. This is only possible through cooperation, boundless confidence and tremendous team spirit. All this is perhaps the strength of the circus; by enjoying a group of enthusiastic artists you can forget Facebook, Twitter and daily concerns.”

The shows climax features a spectacular motorcycle carousel, which sees breathtaking aerial work above fire and knife juggling presented by the Easy Riders.

For more information, or to book tickets call 07582 353634 or look at