FUNDRAISING efforts are now well underway to help put the Spa back into Droitwich.

The on-going campaign to reopen a brine bath facility in the town has been boosted by the support of residents to a number money-making initiatives.

Members of campaign group SOBBS (Save Our Brine Baths) have been running a host of events to gather cash that can be used to help launch an important new heritage site.

A recent quiz night at St Andrews Town Hotel saw 76 people attend and more than £500 raised towards the cause.

William Moy, speaking on behalf of the group, said: “I was absolutely delighted with the turn out on the evening and offer many thanks to committee members and local traders who so readily donated prizes for the event.

"Without dedicated committee members, this kind of fund raising event would not be possible and so, on behalf of SOBBS, I would like to give a special vote of thanks to Stephanie Vale and Sheila Jarrams who worked so hard to make the evening go so well.”

He also thanked the owner of St Andrews Town Hotel, Aidan Stevens, for his kind hospitality.

The quiz night follows two jumble sales and a major fundraising drive at last year's Salt Fest.

"We have many more events in the pipeline and would urge people to get involved," added Mr Moy. "The money we raise will be used to fund a business plan or be put towards the general build."

Campaigners are now focused on finding a new site that can house the important heritage facility away from its historic location in St Andrew's Street.

A meeting last year to discuss the site's future explored the possibility of pumping brine to another site after it became clear that BMI Healthcare, which runs Droitwich Spa's private hospital, would not be able to help with re-opening the baths in their old location.

Members of SOBBS are now searching for a suitable site and are putting plans in place to try to attract potential investors.

Droitwich Spa's brine baths were closed by BMI Healthcare at the end of 2008, a move that violated its 25-year lease agreement and led to £200,000 in compensation being obtained by Wychavon District Council. It is hoped that money will also be used to help fund a new facility.